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About Weinstein Wealth Insurance Solutions, LLC.

At Weinstein Wealth Insurance Solutions, LLC. we are passionate about helping our clients navigate through life’s journey of building assets, protecting against unforeseen risks and ultimately maximizing distribution of those assets when the time comes. We believe there is no greater asset than your family and loved ones.

Bruce M. Weinstein owner of weinstein wealth insurance solution

About Bruce M. Weinstein and Robyn Weinstein

Bruce has consistently offered his clients the insights, strategies and the clear direction designed to help them make educated financial decisions and prepare themselves for their futures. Beginning his career in 1986, Bruce’s extensive knowledge in wealth planning and protection – retirement, estate, educational and life insurance solutions – allow him to provide a level of service to his clients personalized to help meet each of their specific needs and goals.

Bruce and Robyn have raised 3 wonderful sons. Josh Weinstein lives in Myrtle Beach, SC and runs his company, Maverick Media. Matt Weinstein is an aspiring Broadway actor, living in NYC. While Matt Baratta, a FAU graduate, is the hospitality manager at a Fort Lauderdale Hotel property.

When not working with clients, Bruce and Robyn enjoy traveling and wine tasting. They not only raised 3 boys, but also ‘raised’ 14 dogs over the last 20 years, including 5 great dane rescues. Currently, they are enjoying the company of their most recent rescue, Piper, another great dane they rescued in 2018. But most importantly, Bruce and Robyn enjoy spending time with their family.


Making an investment in the right insurance for you and your family has never been more important. At Weinstein Wealth Insurance Solutions, LLC we offer a broad range of services specifically designed to help you and find the best fit. We helped many families with these challenges and more. However, there’s no way to know if we can help you without sitting down and having a conversation. Give us a call to set up a no-pressure consultation today!