Life Insurance You Can Depend On

Do you have a plan in place to protect your loved ones’ financial futures in the case of an unforeseen incident? Who will pay off your family’s mortgage or your children’s college tuition when you are gone?

As independent insurance agents, Bruce and Robyn at Weinstein Wealth Insurance Solutions, LLC, have over 40 Insurance carriers to help find you easy and affordable options to protect your family’s needs and the peace of mind you deserve. Whether you’re looking for coverage that lasts for a specific period of time or lifelong protection, you can relax knowing that the futures of your loved ones are secure.

Weinstein Wealth Insurance Solutions, LLC offers affordable coverage, multiple options to choose from, and a hassle-free process for you. Don’t wait until it’s too late – protect yourself and your family with coverage from Weinstein Wealth Insurance Solutions, LLC.

The Best Coverage for You

As independent insurance agents, Weinstein Wealth Insurance Solutions, LLC offers many different types of coverage, so you can choose the perfect policy for you and your family based on your needs and budget. Compare premiums and advantages of the various policies to determine which type of life insurance is right for you. It can be difficult to decide which life insurance coverage is best for your specific situation, which is why we are here with you every step of the way. Bruce and Robyn Weinstein use their industry experience and extensive knowledge to help you make an informed decision regarding the perfect protection for your family.

Types of Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a popular option as it typically offers the most affordable premium payments and a comparable payout. As long as your premiums are paid, the policy lasts for the selected term length. Your payments and benefits are fixed, which means they won’t fluctuate during the length of your policy. Term life insurance policies offer protection for your family if the unexpected happens. The benefits include:

  • Helps provide for a family member’s loss of income
  • Provides longer term protection to help pay off a mortgage or pay for a college tuition
  • Covers short-term debt and needs

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance provides lifelong coverage and includes an investment component known as the policy’s cash value, which you can access through loans. It offers fixed premiums, a guaranteed death benefit, and an option to build cash value. A portion of your premium goes to your cash value, which is invested and can grow tax-deferred.

Universal Life Insurance

With universal life insurance, you receive lifelong protection, cash value, and flexibility. If you’re seeking long-term protection with the option of flexibility, universal life insurance is a great option for you. The versatility offered by universal life insurance is the opportunity to adjust your level of coverage and your premium payments to fit your changing needs.


Congratulations on obtaining “the American dream”, owning your own home!  But do you own it or does your bank?  What happens to you or your spouse/partner if there was a sudden illness or death?  Would you be able to continue meeting those monthly payments or would you be forced to leave your home?  How can you ensure that you will never be forced to leave your home?

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Children’s education

Congratulations!  Parenthood, is there a more wonderful experience?  Is there anything more stressful and concerning than being a parent?  Sleepless nights, endless expenses, looming college costs.  What keeps you up at night?  We can help show you how to remove the financial risks we all face as parents.

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Have a monthly pension

Congratulations!  You are one of the few people still getting a pension at retirement.  Most companies and jobs today do not offer Monthly Pensions.  Before you make your final decision, we encourage you to speak to us about your options surrounding your pension and how you can MAXIMIZE its potential and MAINTAIN control of the money.

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Create a legacy

Congratulations! Your discipline, hard work and drive have proven successful. But what’s next? You are enjoying your ‘golden years’, but what about your kids’ futures? Will they enjoy the same successes and opportunities that you did? How can you secure their future with what you have built?  What kind of legacy can you secure for yourself and your loved ones?

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Make an Informed Decision

Before you purchase a life insurance plan, it is important to speak to a professional to determine which type of life insurance is best for you and your family. Because there are many options to choose from and insurance can be tricky to understand, it is beneficial to speak with someone with industry experience. Weinstein Wealth Insurance Solutions, LLC is here to answer your questions and walk you through this critical decision. Bruce and Robyn Weinstein are dedicated to helping you make educated financial decisions and prepare for your future. To protect your family’s future and start enjoying a worry-free life, contact Weinstein Wealth Insurance Solutions, LLC today at 1-844-4WeCover.

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